"Even if we cannot direct the wind,
we can adjust the sails."

Ruth Reiter LCSW, CADC

At times, and for all kinds of reasons, navigating day-to-day becomes a struggle. Perhaps you are coping with a loss, going through a major change, feel overpowered by emotions, stressors, or past events. Safe and effective talk therapy provides helpful tools, approaches, and encouragement to help you make the best choice for navigating the waters before you.



Services We Offered

To assist in a variety of clinical conditions, such as anxiety, anger, depression, bi-polar, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse, marital/family conflict, stress management, life transitions, self-worth, people-pleasing fatigue, and parenting stressors. Common goals of therapy are to inspire change and improve quality of life. With individual therapy, help is provided for issues that are hard to face alone.
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Individual Therapy

explores current problems with the intent of resolving longstanding dysfunctional patterns. Research has firmly established that both partners play a role in most couple problems. While working through the dysfunction, the goal is for each partner to gain compassion for the other, learn ways to deal with their own negative feelings, and rekindle the feelings that attracted them to each other.
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Couples Therapy

Addresses a wide range of symptoms or difficulties that affect individuals and families. Working to build a family’s functioning, by promoting openness, empathy, and honesty. With improvement in communication, families become more cohesive.
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Family Therapy

often drugs or alcohol are used as a form of self-medication. Individual treatment seeks to break through to the core issues that drive negative, destructive, and codependent behaviors. The end goal is recovery through a process of change in one’s health and wellness, while striving to reach their full potential.
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Substance Abuse Therapy

Biblical Counseling uses the Bible as a guide to counseling. It connects meaning to the present world and personally relates Bible content to an individual’s life. Bible counseling can be integrated into Individual, Couples, and Family Systems therapies at the preference of each client.
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Biblical Counsel

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For help with mental healthcare coverage questions, reach out for assistance.Clients
may have out-of-pocket costs (copay/coinsurance), and accepted insurance networks
include Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Evernorth, Optum, and United Healthcare.
This info ensures clarity on potential expenses and coverage options.

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